Taylor Swift: ‘Out of the Woods’

by David Helton

I love Taylor Swift.

I love her because she is poetic and young and she sings and writes about the things that a young woman understands.  Love.  The loss of love.  The struggle to find love.  These are all universal to us and she is not taking off her top off and twerking or going for the shock value with foolishness on stage.  Instead, Taylor Swift is writing and singing about all the things that matter to her.  How refreshing.  I have an immense amount of respect for her.  I wanted to hate her, but I just can’t.

This new song, ‘Out of the Woods‘ is beautiful.  She has debuted (again) at number one on iTunes.  This album is shaping up to be even bigger than her last one.


By Swift’s own account, “Out of the Woods” will probably not be officially released as a single, but Swift tells USA Today that she wanted to share this track early because “I think it’s the greatest example of the sound of this album.” While Swift warned fans that 1989 would represent a new phase in her career, they likely didn’t expect something that sounds so electronic. “I used a Yamaha DX7 a lot on that song, which is so uniquely Eighties, but then countered it with a super-distorted Minimoog Voyager in the chorus,” Antonoff told USA Today about the track. “That sounds extremely modern to me. It’s that back-and-forth.”

 The song is reportedly about Swift’s relationship with One Direction’s Harry Styles, and though she wouldn’t confirm the track was directly inspired by her time with Styles in her Rolling Stone cover story, she details a romance in which “every day was a struggle. Forget making plans for life – we were just trying to make it to next week.”

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