Sister Misters: Peaches Christ Takes Us to Church with ‘Sister Act’

By Jason LeRoy, @TheJasonLeRoy

For her first official movie tribute of 2016, cult movie maven Peaches Christ has selected a sainted ‘90s classic that never gets enough credit for its semi-gritty San Francisco setting: the divinely funny comedy caper Sister Act, starring Whoopi Goldberg at her movie-star peak as a lounge singer who poses as a nun after witnessing a mob murder.

Peaches will be joined onstage by RuPaul’s Drag Race fan favorites Latrice Royale and Willam in the world premiere of her brand-new pre-show parody, “Mister Act.” The sacred shenanigans will transpire just over the hill from the movie’s Noe Valley filming location at the Castro Theatre on February 27, with performances at 3pm and 8pm. Tickets are going fast at Below, we chat with the show’s unholy trinity of leading ladies about how the “Mister Act” came together, what fans should expect, and what not to do if you run into Willam before the show.

Peaches, what was it about Sister Act that made you decide to pay tribute to it? <Peaches Christ>: I have always been a huge fan of Whoopi Goldberg, and have had two Whoopi show parodies in mind to do for years: one is a mash-up called “The Color Purple Rain,” and the other is “Mister Act.” I’ve also been thinking about what the best theatrical collaboration would be for Latrice and myself, and “Mister Act” just felt right.

Willam, I heard that you helped come up with this idea? <Willam>: I suggested it to Peaches and she was like, “Oh my god, I had the exact same idea and exactly at this very moment was just texting Latrice about it!” It was weird how great minds think alike and shit. I mean if she’s crediting me, I’ll take it.

Are you all fans of the movie? <PC>: It’s maybe a little sweeter and more family-friendly than the movies I’m usually interested in, but what spoke to me most strongly about this film was the idea of the sinful outsider: this showgirl coming into a convent and actually changing their lives versus the other way around. The Catholic drag queen in me has always really loved that sort of twist. These nuns are taught how to be more human by a black showgirl from Reno. I wish some of the nuns that were my teachers coulda met Deloris back in the day.

<Latrice Royale>: I am! I’ve seen both movies hundreds of times, but I’ve never seen myself as Deloris Van Cartier. There are so many hilarious bits, I can’t wait!

<Willam>: Yes, obsessed. I love it

Do you think this movie is Whoopi at her best? <LR>: Oh yeah, it’s one of her best. I’m an old Whoopi fan, going back to her very first one-woman show, but this is definitely right up in that realm.

<W>: Whoopi’s been nailing it since the early ‘80s and she just keeps reinventing herself. It’s amazing. She’s a producer, an entrepreneur—she’s just impressive all around as an entertainment figure.

Do you watch her on The View? <W>: Drag queens don’t wake up early enough to do that kind of thing. But if you just look at her peers from back in the ‘80s, what are they doing now? Billy Crystal isn’t doing much. Robin Williams definitely isn’t doing much. Roseanne’s still touring and stuff, but Whoopi was the queen of comics. I think she’s the one that everyone will be compared to in the future.

What would make a really great Whoopi impression on ‘The Snatch Game’? <LR>: Well, you gotta have the Whoopi look! You can’t just build the eyebrows and a face full of makeup, you know? You gotta get it all down: smacking them lips a little bit like you been smoking some Kools . . . filtered. You gotta embody Whoopi, you gotta get into it! She’s laidback, but she’s crazy as hell.

Willam, what will you use as inspiration for your role as the shy nun? <W>: Well I’m not shy, but my butthole is, so I’m really gonna channel the asshole in me.


Makes sense. Your last show with Peaches was Clueless, in which you played the leading role of Cher. How was that experience for you? <W>: It was funny because I had never seen the whole movie. There were lines in the script that were making fun of me and I was literally like, “That’s a little close to home! I know I’m selfish and everything, but…” And they’re like, “That’s just an exact line from the movie script.” I was like, “Oh, my bad.” So I guess she and I were kinda similar, me and this Cher character.

Perfect casting! Latrice, this will be your first full-length scripted play with Peaches, right? <LR>: Yeah! I never had enough time before because of my schedule, but this is full-out rehearsals and a script, a full production! I am so looking forward to it, this is right up my alley. Peaches is a modern mastermind. She has such a huge cult following and she’s doing something so original in the industry. If you’re going to a Peaches Christ production, you know you’re in for an evening of entertainment like you’ve never seen before, because this girl goes outside the box—like all outside the box. She’s a warped, twisted soul and we love it.

And are you excited to costar with Willam? <LR>: I am, actually! When me and Willam get together, magic happens. We started off kinda shaky but have become the best of friends. That’s my sister, I love her! We’ve worked together on a couple of projects and it’s been nothing but the best. This one’s gonna be too much fun for us.

<W>: I love working with Latrice anytime possible. And Peaches is just one of the most creative people I know. So many people are like “Oh, let’s do a show, blah blah blah,” but how many people actually follow through with it? And how many has she done now? She has her shit together! She’s a producer and I just love that about her. Me, Latrice, and Peaches are all go-getters. We’re the type who leave it all on the stage. We don’t mind getting a little sweaty and down and dirty for it.


Peaches, what part of this show excites you the most, and what part will be the biggest challenge? <PC>: I think the thing I’m most looking forward to is the spectacle that is Latrice Royale. I’ve written this show for her. I’m also really excited about doing nun drag. We have Sister Roma in the show and are partnering with the Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence on a fundraiser as part of the big event. As for the challenge, I’ve quickly learned that there are people who really love this movie, and it’s my hope to recreate drag versions of some of their favorite choral numbers in a way that makes them want to cheer and scream and rejoice!

What else should fans know about the show? <W>: If you see me the week of rehearsal while I’m out in San Francisco, do not offer to buy me a drink! Because if I drink, I’ll get fucked up and forget my lines, so let’s just take a picture and go our separate ways. Do not try to get me fucked up. People do that! They try to get drag queens fucked up so people can watch them falling and forgetting the words to Adele or some shit. I used to do it to Detox, she’d be so drunk at 4pm on a Sunday after a brunch shift that she couldn’t move. We all loved it! But I see no reason for it to happen to me.

<LR>: Well, you know it’s Peaches Christ, so you never know what you’re going to get. You might be thinking, “Oh, it’s just gonna be Sister Act on a stage,” but I’m not sure it’s going to be so straightforward! There are some awesome surprises planned and some twists and turns. You can expect that you are going to laugh your ass off, because we will be funny! I expect to see everybody there. I always love San Francisco. San Francisco always shows up and shows out. It’s gonna be a good time, and I am gonna make you all EAT IT!

Sister ACt adPeaches Christ Productions Proudly Presents SISTER ACT with a most holy & hilarious pre-show parody “MISTER ACT” – When your drag habit becomes nun-too-fun! starring LATRICE ROYALE, WILLAM, PEACHES CHRIST, KYLIE MINONO, SISTER ROMA & more!

The Castro Theatre, Saturday February 27th, 3pm & 8pm


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