Painting Each Other’s Asses

BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon on Death Becomes Her | by Jason LeRoy (@ExcessFaggage)

For her first official production of 2018, high priestess of cult film Peaches Christ is sending up a movie with a truly chilling concept for those of us praying for release from our current political moment: living forever. On March 10, 2018, at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre, Peaches Christ Productions will present a full-length stage parody of Death Becomes Her, titled “Drag Becomes Her.”

Seattle sisters BenDeLaCreme (the surprise strongest competitor out of the gate on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3) and Drag Race Season 5 champ Jinkx Monsoon will play the iconic roles of Helen (Goldie Hawn) and Madeline (Meryl Streep). Writer-director Peaches will appear as Lisle (Isabella Rossellini), Lady Bear will embody Big Helen as only she could, and Heklina will make a rare male-presenting appearance as Ernest (Bruce Willis).

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Performances will be at 3 and 8 p.m. and will be followed by a screening of an original film print of Robert Zemeckis’s 1992 masterpiece, Death Becomes Her. Tickets are on sale now at “Drag Becomes Him” will also be performed in Los Angeles at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre on April 28, with Jinkx’s musical partner Major Scales stepping in as Ernest.

We recently reached out to Ben and Jinkx to chat about their histories with Peaches Christ, their connections to Death Becomes Her, and whether they’d drink that mysterious potion themselves.

This will be the second time the two of you have done a show together with Peaches Christ. How did this project come together?

BenDeLaCreme: Well, Jinkx and I have been working together for a long, long time—way before Drag Race—so I think it felt very natural for Peaches to pair us up. Death Becomes Her is one of the films that Jinkx and I bonded over very early in our friendship and reference constantly, so basically we hounded Peaches about it until she gave in.

Jinkx Monsoon: Dela and I actually planned on doing a musical version of it ages ago, but Peaches has already performed a Death Becomes Her parody that she co-starred in with Heklina. That makes this whole thing very special: Heklina and Peaches were gracious enough to let Dela and I give a go at these iconic characters, while they take on the roles of Ernest and Lisle. It’s gonna be wild.

That last project you all did together was Hocus Pocus. What are your recollections of that experience?

Jinkx: Doing Hocus Pocus was a childhood dream come true for me! Looking back on it, it really felt like a family experience; Dela, Peaches, and I really connect on a cerebral and creative level. Oy, that sounds hoity-toity.

Ben: The whole thing was a hoot. It was my first big role in a Peaches show and I was so nervous, but she is so kind and brilliant and incredible to work with that it very quickly just became super-fun. One of the most memorable parts of the actual show for me was when, right before my big number, I felt my hair coming loose. And of course it was that tall unruly Kathy Najimy hair that looks like a crooked mountain. I was like, “How am I going to sing and dance without this falling off?” Well, at the key moment in the song when I had to bust out some moves, without us ever having talked about it, Jinkx ran up behind me and held my hair in place so I could do my thing. The audience went insane. That is true sisterhood.

You’ve both worked with Peaches quite a bit. What’s something about her that would surprise her fans?

Ben: She’s really very nice despite what EVERYONE says.

Jinkx: She loves bread. She’s always eating bread.

What is it about Death Becomes Her that makes it such an enduring gay favorite?

Ben: It has everything! It’s a camp-lovers dream! Desperate undead women in fabulous mansions hitting each other with shovels? What more could you ask for?

Jinkx: It all comes down to two iconic, powerful, sexy femme fatales who battle it out with the aid of a mysterious witch. There’s nothing not to love about that.

Who’s the Mad and who’s the Hel in your relationship?

Jinkx: Dela and I both possess strong characteristics from each lady. We’ve traded places back and forth throughout the years, so I’ll say we’re both each of them.

 Ben: A little of column A, a little of column B. What’s important is that we’ve finally reached the stage where we’ve resigned ourselves to painting each others asses.

Peaches cast herself in the role of an ageless beauty with the secret to eternal youth. How are we feeling about this?

Ben: Well, she signs the checks, so, sure!

Jinkx: She does love a nude illusion. I think this is a brilliant casting choice. I’ve always loved Peaches in high-status roles, and she’d definitely be the one hoarding the potion for herself.

Heklina will give a rare non-drag performance in the role of Ernest. How should audiences prepare themselves to experience Heklina as a man?

Ben: I don’t even know how to prepare myself.

Jinkx: Heklina turns every character into drag. This will be the second time she’s played my husband and we have fiery onstage chemistry. Get ready for awkward sexual tension!

Which would you rather: drink the potion and live forever as a glamorous corpse like Madeline and Helen, or ditch the potion and die a noble age-appropriate death like Ernest?

Jinkx: Glamorous corpse! Obviously!

Ben: Are you kidding? I’m already tired of all this upkeep. Dig me a grave!

What else would you like the fans to know about this show?

Jinkx: A lot of thought and passion went into this production. It’s a collaboration of friends and sister witches.

Ben: It’s the culmination of MANY years of plotting and planning. I know that Jinkx and I can’t wait to throw ourselves into this with full fervor. With Heklina as our object of desire and Peaches at the helm, it’s gonna be one helluva show.

Peaches Christ Productions Is Proud To Present…
Drag Becomes Her
our hi-sterical parody of the ’90s legendary comedy “Death Becomes Her”

MARCH 10th, 2018 @ The Castro Theatre
Starring The World’s Oldest Young Drag Queens

Defying Natural Law Before Your Very Eyes

Featuring an Everlasting Theatrical Show :
Jinkx Monsoon as Madeleine Ashton
Bendelacreme as Helen Sharp
Heklina as Ernest Menville
Lady Bear as Big Helen
Peaches Christ as Lisle Von Rhuman
& Many More!



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