Ride the Realness Ritual of AFTERSHOCK

By Suzan Revah

Folsom weekend is when San Francisco officially and ostentatiously indulges in role play, shifting from fruits-and-nuts Babylonia to kink diva starring on the world stage.

Proof can be found in this year’s dazzlingly fag-tastic promotional video for the Folsom Street Fair, which showcases the mainstream legitimacy of a horse-hung happening that is California’s 3rd largest single-day outdoor spectator event. The video is both a throwback to Tom of Finland-inspired Miracle Mile cruising and an over-the-top celebration of loud-and-proud gayness as the new normal.

The utterly fabulous video’s glitz and campy glam is bittersweet. Along with its iconic imagery, we are reminded that, when all the ghetto fabulousness of homo history fades into the rainbow-colored global spotlight, “true” San Franciscans are left longing for authenticity. AFTERSHOCK, the official afterhours of the Folsom Street Fair, offers refuge, and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Setting your alarm for 4am, then dancing your ass off hard for 6 hours before the fair even opens, isn’t for the faint of heart. But it’s worth it for the unique journey it provides to those in the know, extreme circuit fans who can take the pounding DJ Abel Aguilera consistently delivers at his favorite party of the year.

A 6-hour set is hardly extreme for Abel, the legendary Alegria DJ known for pushing afterhours well into afternoon. Equally legendary lights and lasers by Guy Smith and Rob Montenegro combine to create a magical underground vibe, which gives AFTERSHOCK an illicit feel that seems to be disappearing in San Francisco along with rent control and laissez faire nudity.

“It’s a ride,” says Abel. “There’s no set list and nothing planned. It’s all live and goes with the feeling of the room. It’s about the music.”

AFTERSHOCK ripples on the Richter scale, yet offers a breath of fresh air. Adding this respected ritual to your Folsom calendar might leave you gasping for a breather, but the realness feels like a well-worn piece of leather that fits so perfectly you keep coming back to it again and again.




Bring your friends and join the sexiest men from around the world at San Francisco’s epic afterhours dance party AFTERSHOCK. DJ ABEL returns to spin at his favorite party of the year joined by New York’s finest lights and visual artists, GUY SMITH and ROB MONTENEGRO with lasers by LASERONICS.  The party starts at 4AM so set your alarm clock and get ready for AFTERSHOCK to take you on a magical journey of light and sound.  AFTERSHOCK is the Official After Hours of Folsom Street Fair and our 20TH Anniversary; it’s the party Folsom Weekend not to be missed. Get your tickets, bring your friends and get ready for an amazing 20TH anniversary AFTERSHOCK.

RETAIL TICKETS – SAN FRANCISCO – Retail sales begin Monday, August 17TH, 2015.
$50 Tickets BODY on Castro.
$50 Tickets MR-S-LEATHER, SoMa at 8TH and Harrison.

DOOR – Night of Event  – Sunday September 27TH at 4AM- 10AM
$60 (full price) tickets will be available for sale at the DOOR based on club occupancy. Cash or Square.

  • ID Required.
  • Coat and clothes check available.
  • No Re-Entry.
  • 21 and Over Only.
FRISCO DISCO EVENTS produces world-class dance events in San Francisco that are celebrations of all the wonderfully fun and happily twisted things that make us all gay. Our events take you on musical journey throughout the night and we do our best to help bring our incredibly creative and diverse San Francisco community together. Our continued and growing success is based on a year round dedication and countless hours of hard work from a small group of incredibly talented people. FRISCO DISCO’S namesake is a 1970’s gay nightclub in New York City called the Crisco Disco. A club with an infamous reputation for outrageous, irreverent fun, great DJs and a crowd of sexy gay men and all those who love them.

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