About Us

What’s Left?

San Francisco, this effervescent City by the Bay, that both intrigues and intoxicates, is always changing – evolving.  San Francisco is the epicenter of Gay culture.  Gay culture too has evolved.  We are more homogenized than ever with the mainstream – no longer living on the fringe.  We have made unprecedented and remarkable political and cultural changes over the past decade.  Moving more into the mainstream has empowered us to further our leadership in fashion, art, music and design.  Our community has it’s own powerful voice, and the West Coast in particular, has a perspective that is wonderfully unique.  Left is a celebration of that unbreakable spirit.

Left Magazine is the next step for Gays and Lesbians who live and visit the West Coast and beyond.  From restaurant/bar reviews and nightlife recommendations to relevant and current political commentary and the latest in HIV prevention/treatment & health information.  Left explores the nuances of navigating the quirkiest, yet most progressive, place on earth.

Who is Left?

Left readers are people of both genders, all sexual identities, ages and ethnicities.  Some have money to spend.  Some don’t.  They are savvy, city dwellers who are adventurous and engaged with the world around them.  Many have migrated here from other parts of the country and see the West Coast as their unexplored playground.  They want to know where to eat, where to shop and where to party.  While they want to be entertained, Left readers also want to be informed.  They want to be challenged.  Most of all, Left readers want to think for themselves and be enlightened.

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